Discount Cards for Public Sector Employees

The modern trend among travelers and shoppers is to use credit or debit cards for transactions. Even those who travel beyond the borders of the country adopt this practice. Exchanging currencies and coins can be avoided. Within the country the use of such cards is a very convenient way to transact. Cards are unavoidable in the case of internet shopping. In the highways stores also the dealers encourage the use of cards instead of cash. There are two advantages. The first advantage is that it helps to maintain accounts without complication or confusion. The second one is that exchanging small denominations to adjust the exact amounts involved in transactions can be avoided. Apart from the above, problems in carrying cash can be eliminated in this system. There is a third category of cards used by shoppers in UK which is known as discount cards. Several establishments issue discount cards to select groups of consumers in order to entice them to shop from specific outlets. Such cards are popularly known as Black Cards indicating the colour of these unique cards. The manufacturers and developers of goods and services in collaboration with dealers organize the system. They choose groups of consumers whose identity can be confirmed or ensured easily.

The public sector employees in UK are eligible to receive the special discount cards. The shoppers with the cards will be entitled for discounts in the prices of products or services they purchase from the designated sale outlets. Every time they make purchases, discounts at the rate of 3.5 percent will be offered to them. A consumer who is employed in any of the public sector establishment in UK can seek the card from the websites of the issuing companies. The individual concerned has to submit the proof of employment along with the required format which can be downloaded. The prepaid debit cards will be issued without much delay, after cross checking the submitted details of employment. A minimum amount has to be remitted towards first pre-payment. Subsequently the shoppers can top up the cards to make them valid. The privileged customer can opt for cards for other members in the family either at the time of receiving the main card or at any time later.

Those who want to avail the discount cards can visit the relevant websites and can gather the terms and conditions applicable to them. The discounts accruing out of the transactions will be credited to the concerned account within the specific period. The card holders can avail the details of their account balance from the issuing company’s website or by contacting them over telephone. The discount of 3.5 percent is the assured percentage of benefit available to the card holder. But at times they are eligible for more than this rate. Several products and services can be bought at cheaper rates as some of the popular retailers offer special discounts to the shoppers with cards. There are sale outlets which offer 5 percent over and above the specific 3.5 discount on selected items. A family with additional cards can make substantial savings if they choose to buy all requirements using these special debit cards.